Want to meet a smoking hot wife?

 1)  Borrow a friend's puppy and take a walk in any dog friendly park.  Just about every single woman walking by will want to stop and pet the puppy.  This approach work's very time!  She could become your future Wife!

 2)  Volunteer at a pet rescue.  Women love their pets almost as much or more than their significant other.

 3)  Go food shopping and ask any lonely woman a question about how to prepare a food dish.

 4)  Join in a walkathon for single women and married women causes.  Walk for the cause and meet many women.

 5)  Join the local PTA and help the school district.  Wives and mothers love to participate with the kids. 

 6)  Babysit an infant and take a walk with the babystroller through the park.  Housewives would like a break!

 7)  Go to the art museum or gallery.  Start up a conversation with a lonely woman of your choice while reviewing the artwork.

 8)  Go to the local coffee shop and sit down at the table with the woman sitting by herself.

 9)  Go to any woman's clothing store.  Act like you are shopping for a birthday gift for your sister and ask for help.

10) Join a local ski or hiking club.  These are great places to meet women and get some exercise at the same time.

11) Join an online social networking site! Meet all the housewives, lonely women, and single woman you want.



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